Eurofins Ingenasa is taking part in SaPher project

Eurofins Ingenasa is taking part in SaPher project, aiming to develop the antibodies of interest not commercially available in the market for the target allergen industries.

Food allergies affect over 17M people in Europe and increasing at a 2 digit prevalence rate. With no cure, the only successful method to prevent allergic reactions is to strictly avoid all foods containing the allergen.

The current lack of standardized food allergen control plans and cost-effective allergen testing tools drives food manufacturers to adopt over cautious labelling strategies. As a result, 90% of products with ¨may contain¨ allergen labels do not contain any. This reduces the choice of safe food for the allergic population (39.1M people), leading to risk-taking behaviour. SaPher project will disrupt the food allergen assessment market thanks to the development of an allergen assessment procedure supported by the industrialization and commercial deployment of our full automatic SaPher nano-photonics biosensing allergen test platform.

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